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The whole of our UNIVERSE can be said to be made up of two halves:
1) The Physical (outer) universe and
2) The Nervous (inner) system,

these two halves performing what is closest to mirroring each other there is, only both images working as functional entities in actual existance, without reflection, although each remaining a part of the whole. These two systems transpire throughout each other, but do not occupy the same space. They remain in all areas but the poles seperate from each other.

*(thus the poles are the tollgates between these worlds.)*more later

The poles of the physical universe are as a pair only half formed, with the conclusive pole existing in temporal stasis (if not for this dim facet of existence shuttling the random cross-circuits, our future/destinies would be entirely alien concepts to us, buried in the permanent blackness beyond).

Because of this temporal-stasis-existence (which has to do with the physics of time-development) we as living creatures are offered the physical possibility of learning and possibly affecting our future/destinies. It's up to us to comprehend the withstanding of temporal travel through seemingly illogical space via timelessness.

We humans, as vessels for individual nervous systems, differ from NON-nervous systems, otherwise known as inanimate matter, in that we do not displace that portion of universe we occupy: unlike rocks or metals--matter dense enough to displace their areas. The flesh of our vessels actually occupies an area of space around our nervous systems (or inner-systems) that is a "buffer zone" that allows for an alloted percentage error in our construction through time; in other words, our physical bodies are capable of routing through zero-dimensional points or one-dimensional lines as well as three-dimensional spaces, but only so long as they remain alive; a dead body is identifiable for the reason that it suddenly displaces the area it occupied. For this reason the dead displace the earth. In this sense the living more resemble ghosts or wraiths that can move through temporal spaces.

Just as great distances must be breached in our physical universe to arrive at the toll-gate of a pole (literally the end of our universe), so must great inner distances be traveled for one to arrive at a pole of the soul. However, as one who has traveled to a pole in his inner being can testify, the "great distance" is cancelled out through the equation of hyper-mathematical travel.

Note* The "pole(s)", though at opposing ends, on a sphere, are so only in that this is the arrangement as represented graphically onto a "sphere". The reality that said "sphere" equates to positions the "pole(s)" in the center.

A "pure sphere" in actuality has its center and all points in relation to each other occupied in one relativistic area; its graphic "roundness" like the ball of an orange occupies seperate points in space only because this is the only message our brains can interpret into understanding a sphere's total components; to state that a sphere is nothing like a ball would not be much of an inaccuracy. In other words, the North and South poles of a "global" sphere are no more on the outside at opposite ends than they are on the inside at center.

Our "temporal" image of the conclusive "pole" of our universe indicates a sequential process of interaction along a binary line: a "will" or "will-not" resolution, in other words: the conclusive pole (denoted S-pole as opposed to the origin pole denoted N-pole) will in time either form itself or it will not (in which case ordered completion will occur or it won't). In the case that it doesn't, one could say that chaos proved dominant and our universe might excise itself into formlessness. In the case that it does, only speculation provides the answer, but to have our universe ordered into its complete "sphere" would indicate our "arrival", if you will, (through space/time) to that unique "toll-gate" connecting us with other universes. Nothing less than the doorway to the promised lands.


The previous statement is true only relative to our position in spacetime development. To not allow for developments and/or changes in the integration of our space/time/universe's physical make-up would be blindly presumptuous of us. For this reason statistical predictions fall into an unstable category of knowledge: i.e, they remain effective only so long as our present moment is concerned; indeed, statistics, as a branch of science, is at most a fleeting pursuit, if not totally unstable. [Note* The concepts of "gambling" and "playing the stakes" fit in conjunction with our ideas of Hell for this reason.]

If our world were to complete itself, the structure and integration of ordered reality would develop into the second stage of the fundamental wavelength, which is the "sine" or opposite of the "bell-curve", our present fundamental state which allows for the chaotic arrangement of variables we have so brilliantly graphed out in our probability charts.

Yea, when and if our poles connect, we will find ourselves as precisely integrated variables in a synchronously arranging world; NO LONGER will random determination construct a "bell-curve"; but rather, the INVERSE of a bell-curve (sine) will begin to generate, and the opposing polarities of INSTABILITY vs. STABILITY will increase dramatically affecting each other in wild synchronous abandon. Mediocrity and all those variables brought to the forefront of the "co-sine" era will decrease dramatically into seldom sporadic occurances. This is to say, 'probability' will become the "exception" and 'synchronicity' the "rule".

{Note of interest: The yin-yang symbol is a more accurate graphic representation of a pure "sphere" or our total universe: the two "eyes" representing the "poles" (being both inner and outer) and the central division representing the wavelength broken into "cosine" and "sine".}

The simple experiment of stirring a cup of tea and then observing its cyclonic surface from the proper angle will result in the ability to visualise a "perfect" yin-yang reflection, complete with eyes, in the ordered maelstrom of torque induction.


Fracture reigns.
Seperation oversees.

Gulfs wreathe in between
we are not all that are
seperated by abyss
every moment is
the focal point
of every condition is
all things have a unique value
there is a spirit at the center
of all things that dictates
the thing's destiny
the spirit is how the thing
relates to its environment
the abyss seperates all things
the abyss lies within cellular walls
at the core of every moment
within each cell's abysmal walls
lies the compound
of ((confrontation) and (elusion))
confronting and eluding
this is a necessary compound
utilized for the fabrication
of a field of static
that enables (the abyss)
to be crossed
the temporary
(closing) of the circuit
this flow, electrical in nature
a rudimentary form of (life)
(infestation) (intelligence)
from man's (perspective)
is entirely fraudelent
with an essential self-prejudice:
(intelligence) is relative
(by nature, I don't think man
is very (intelligent)).

Balance relates. Relations balance.
Man's basis of intelligence
is far too (exclusive)
to be taken seriously
by anyone (conformity,
brain-washing, rote-memory,
and the mass-media stripping
of identity's creative thought
seem to be what the major portion
of this world's nations are up to).

There is no (standard) by which
(men) can rely on to prove
a correlative point.

(Man) is not alone. (Men) are not men.

The Body, too, is split asunder
into a myriad shatterweb
of tribal factions.

Just as each (individual) body
contains within a myriad fracture-
webbing of (its) identity, shatter-
mirrored into an endless array
of possible (selves).


Thus the often overwhelming
powers that the (current) (age-less)
individual must (confront/elude)
in his huge world.

Focus (sometimes) exposes insanity
into a relative degree of completely
rational behavior, while revealing
(conformity) and (socially accepted
behavior) as being activities which
might be better classified as
((irrational)/(insane)) when
one considers that (focus) of
the (true) (unique) spirit
of the matter may expose it
as actions whose participation in
can only lead to (some)
inevitable scenario (whose spirit)
has been (injected) from (those who
are in control) with no other intention
but to (culture) a submissive race of
(cattle) from which they may draw
(extract) their (justified) wealth.
(This) pisses me off.
may eighteen nineteen ninety one



cycles of command
sattelites and planets
women and tides
possession and distortion
sun bursts flooding
nova shell expanding
passing through for moments
birth of forces
minds of light
vectors gain momentum
history as story
attraction and addiction
gravitation and magnetism
waves of force
cycles of change
suspension of memory
and its slow dissolution
reformation of disintegration
time trapped in temporal stasis
energy burst of positive pulse
abstract pools we drift through
forces shaped around us because of us
paradox nova shell thinning bigger
intersection of nineteen eighty
three flash flood of earth
birth of gestalt
loss of memory
gain of force
focus of loci
intake of nutrients
bathing of energy
of commonality
passing of waiting
sorrows of watching
bloodlines of
of vision.