Fracture reigns.
Seperation oversees.

Gulfs wreathe in between
we are not all that are
seperated by abyss
every moment is
the focal point
of every condition is
all things have a unique value
there is a spirit at the center
of all things that dictates
the thing's destiny
the spirit is how the thing
relates to its environment
the abyss seperates all things
the abyss lies within cellular walls
at the core of every moment
within each cell's abysmal walls
lies the compound
of ((confrontation) and (elusion))
confronting and eluding
this is a necessary compound
utilized for the fabrication
of a field of static
that enables (the abyss)
to be crossed
the temporary
(closing) of the circuit
this flow, electrical in nature
a rudimentary form of (life)
(infestation) (intelligence)
from man's (perspective)
is entirely fraudelent
with an essential self-prejudice:
(intelligence) is relative
(by nature, I don't think man
is very (intelligent)).

Balance relates. Relations balance.
Man's basis of intelligence
is far too (exclusive)
to be taken seriously
by anyone (conformity,
brain-washing, rote-memory,
and the mass-media stripping
of identity's creative thought
seem to be what the major portion
of this world's nations are up to).

There is no (standard) by which
(men) can rely on to prove
a correlative point.

(Man) is not alone. (Men) are not men.

The Body, too, is split asunder
into a myriad shatterweb
of tribal factions.

Just as each (individual) body
contains within a myriad fracture-
webbing of (its) identity, shatter-
mirrored into an endless array
of possible (selves).


Thus the often overwhelming
powers that the (current) (age-less)
individual must (confront/elude)
in his huge world.

Focus (sometimes) exposes insanity
into a relative degree of completely
rational behavior, while revealing
(conformity) and (socially accepted
behavior) as being activities which
might be better classified as
((irrational)/(insane)) when
one considers that (focus) of
the (true) (unique) spirit
of the matter may expose it
as actions whose participation in
can only lead to (some)
inevitable scenario (whose spirit)
has been (injected) from (those who
are in control) with no other intention
but to (culture) a submissive race of
(cattle) from which they may draw
(extract) their (justified) wealth.
(This) pisses me off.
may eighteen nineteen ninety one

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