Six Shades Sharper

Stepped In Life

To really uncover the manifold viewpoint which my speculative exercises in creative writing lead toward, it becomes necessary for us to take the tip of a clue and run to the ends of the iceberg with it.

Given that the real nature of our solar system is an order of magnitude different from how most
of us are likely to perceive it, it's quite enough to scale up the relative accuracy, that is to say, refocus it to clearly see just how ignorant we naturally are to begin with, take a close look in the mirror, and smile.

Knowledge is a process which begins with the lack of
knowledge, and that lack is what we use to define ignorance.

The truth, as it appears to our normal everyday thinking about the "experienced knowledge of our solar system"(and by extension, the galaxy it belongs to and the universe as well, of course) always falls short of the real magnificence on display not by one single order of magnitude, but by so many orders of magnitude as to leave one stunned in abject shock reeling with the inability to further process it all.

Even when we compare things which seem different by suggesting they are "like night and day"to each other, it doesn't come close to capturing the sheer degree by which we are so wrong about everything in this life--beginning with our real place in it.

By "it" I mean the cosmos of course--what else could I possibly have meant?

It.  Here.  Now.  Reality.  The Universe.  You.  Me.  This planet.  History.  Our lives. Life.
All of us.  We.  This.  This thing we share.   This street which has no name with our own names
already fading from it.  This address to which is prescribed one resident.   There...now.  All better, world.

~   ~   ~  

The end of the iceberg is a magnifying glass fore cast to melt 
the next time this star comes
rotating into view from behind the frozen armor of our world.   

~  ~  ~

We must perforce gaze through it quickly before it melts away completely.
The big Reveal is relatively simple once it's been given to a life form to grasp.
The problem is one of having to necessarily remember or recall to be exact
the stupendous breadth of our cosmos while being navigated upon the course
of our exhalation's depth, a combination (our beholding the universe and our selves)
that rarely gels into clarification for any creature caught up in the experiencing.

Yet clues are collected in the cuffs of our clothes.
If a fading colored bead falls in the forest, hear it
echo like a cannonade of pealing thunder!
Know the leaves dessicated and blown back down
trampoline shattered have been scoured and cleansed
of all pox populi but the parts which remained a grippin'
thus scarcely yet barely meaning 'more than is god given enough'
or another word for plenty which while we're on the subject
of words that's what they all mean ever last lovin' one of em, PLENTY.

The word means plenty.
Plentiful.  Plentiplutarian.

It all translates, roughly, to

"That which we are capable of imagining always equals the lowest common variable
denominator plus itself...we are capable of imagining, at the very most, one thing plus itself,
which means we are capable of imagining two things; but that is where the capacity for us to imagine
anything else drops off abruptly to absolute zero, nill, null, void, empty set, nothing, zilch, nada, zero."

Unless we try harder, that is.  That's jumping ahead of ourselves.
The way things really are is at least a billion times more interesting than how we normally think of it.

UNLESS, again...that is,  We.  Pull.  Ourselves.  Together.  But what does that even mean? 

Must we pull ourselves together individually before we get it so that we can pull ourselves together as a people?  Think on it.  Thank you.  It's necessary to begin at the beginning...and that means every single one of us.

Is it possible that there is One Meaning to this thing which no matter how many other ways of slicing it into different and separately contextual sub-definitions manages to nonetheless capture the totality of possible spirits manifested within it?   The answer is a resoundingly and infinitely echoing into underlapping silence YES and I am pleased to know this backwards as well as forwards.  SAY-YES.

JUST LIKE our Solar System is not TWICE as amazing and complex and mindblowing as we formerly thought it was, and not THREE times more so nor even FIVE times more so and no not even TEN TIMES more amazing than we formerly thought, and not one hundred times more so nor one thousand times more, but somewhere on the order of a HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES more astonishing than we formerly thought possible.   And then some.

Just like this teensy weensy almost insignificant observation, we may infer that most queries into the unknown nature of our existence most likely as well would provide insights so stunning as to be beyond our capacity to even imagine?  Oh wait--it is.  By definition.

See, it's NOT that we cannot imagine a supermassive, titanic amount of God-staggering data; it's specifically and exactly that our ability to do so is necessary not for the task of imagining complexities we enjoy fabricating in our mind's eye, but for the actual necessity of understanding truth, which ITself may appear staggering on a level far too many times removed, in terms of complexity of execution, from that which we are capable of being programmed to normally comprehend; but for a built in genetic clause, which, when activated, triggers an elemental information-exchange program which raises the level of awareness in the mind of its host until the saturation point causes a flash-pan messianic complex, often with results far superior to those which were anticipated.

The fundamental paradoxes we've detected at the base levels of quantum and classical physics point toward a deeper design which accounts for how  THE BIG PICTURE frames itself:  from aligning two mirroring halves--the micro- and macro- aspects of our universe.

We human beings exist at the cutting edge level of where the macroverse and microverse appear to meet.   In a real manner of speaking, our feet are mired down in the thriving, living muck of the microverse itself just seething up and out and away from the planet core of our beautifully idiosyncratic world spinning in revolution about our yellow Dwarf star, itself on a vastly more gigantic scale circling about the central galactic core of the Milky Way, a barred spiral galaxy amid billions; while our heads tower upthrust through the clouds in our mind thinking our eyes can "see the view above the world" with a clarity that often mistakes the real nature of what we are examining.

For when we study the remainder of our universe; that is, every other star in our own galaxy as well as which might be contained in every other galaxy out there--bar none--we may truly lend the focus of our gaze to the most magnificent mystery which has haunted our species since we first crawled out of the brine to stand upon these sandy shores and dream.  We are staring at nothing less than Death itself.    

In order to direct our attention towards and examine carefully with our own eyes that phenomenon known as Life (from which we ourselves appear to have stepped in to remain relatively unscathed for the time being, at least individually as far as we can tell) it becomes necessary to cast our gaze down at our feet onto the ground and pay strict attention to the vast aspect of this earthly dominion we have either inherited, or to be quite frankly put out enough to suggest, that this terraformed planetary habitat has been unfortunate enough to have received our rather rude and thoughtless imposition on its once, shall we say, more  pristine original condition...

All of which is to say, after a manner of pointing out, here on this isolated blog Exorlyric on Google's blogger domain,  that the common denominator appearing throughout different examples of depictions which convey how things really are as contrasted against how they have been understood by most of us,  is mainly that the difference between the reality and our perception of it is by an order of magnitude so unexpected that it would leave us all dumbfounded with astonishment and amazement bordering on stupefaction, were we to be exposed to it.    

It's important to point this single fundamental principle out.  The Truth Is Far Crazier Than We Think, Even If It's Simple.  It's a point of reference which might better be cited as a point of reverence--why-?--because of the altogether Far Crazier Platform Of Amazement which reality appears to operate on--which, regardless of how any living sentient creature on this Earth might perceive it to be, is and always shall remain weirder and more unexpected than anything any one of us could ever imagine.

The mere fact our existence on this spinning ball of rock, metal and plasma apparently caught up in billions of years orbiting about our nearby yellow Dwarf Star is still an ongoing phenomenon mutually enjoyed by us all and which has yet to be and may not ever become accounted for by science, I say, is evidence enough for even the most rigorous logician, doctor, or priest to sit before in a moment of silence and share each other's speechlessness before it all.